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Rips x Rings & Our Favorite Mani Combination

DSC_0017_optEver like a color but it’s just too sheer? Or maybe too dark? Our newest nail obsession is finding the perfect color by combining a couple of shades to find one that’s just right!  In the summer we tend to like a paler color in comparison to the darker shades of fall or winter. A soft whitish pink is our go to as it’s neutral and goes with everything! It also gives the illusion that your skin is a bit tanner than it really is (a definite perk in our book!). Check out our latest winning combination below. #twintips

  1. Start with 1 or 2 coats of  ‘French Affair‘ – A sophisticated soft lavender pink; this color is the perfect base for a light pink. Depending on the thickness of the color we recommend 1 coat if it is heavy or 2 coats if it’s more sheer.
  2. Layer with 1 coat of ‘Limo-Scene‘ – A sheer pastel pink; this color creates a silky soft color for a simply flawless light pink nail. It is also great for for a posh french manicure.

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