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DSC_001DSC_0008DSC_0011 Traveling to the airport and looking chic (no sweats!) is definitely something that takes a little bit of planning ahead in our opinion. Sometimes the way you want to dress and feel on the plane doesn’t necessarily match the destination you are traveling to! A little planning ahead can go along way to save not only room in your suitcase or carry-on but hopefully you are able to incorporate things that might go with outfits later on in your trip. Here are our top #twintips for mastering airport style! You can also shop our looks below:

  1. Wear the bulkiest/biggest pair of shoes on your feet –  I know this sometimes can be difficult as you want to be comfortable but this will undoubtedly save space when packing and we all know space is valuable when packing!
  2. Use a large tote rather than a purse as your second carry-on – Carry a large tote bag whether you need the space or not on day 1 of your trip for two reasons 1) you will have a place to stash items that you may buy while traveling 2) it can rest nicely on top of a carry-on for hands free walking!
  3. Resist the urge to wear sweats – I know most people (like us!) want to be comfortable on planes especially if you are traveling for a long period of time but if you can don’t wear sweats as most likely you will not be wearing these again on your trip for. Try and wear something that can be re worn through out the trip. Our favorite is workout leggings or ripped boyfriend jeans!
  4. Incorporate any of your awkwardly shaped accessories/delicate or bulkier items – We are always a bit nervous that some of our hats/sunglasses/accessories will be crushed when traveling. For those more fragile or sensitive items we suggest wearing them physically on the plane so that you can keep a safe eye on them at all times!

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